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EuroHaptics 2010 Demos Page

Hands-On Demos. Hands-On Demos are an important and distinguishing feature of any conference on Haptics; they are dedicated to people and institutions eager to present their work, possibly related to a poster or presentation on the conference.

Proposals for demos are closed. Please find below a list of demos which were presented on the EuroHaptics 2010 Conference.

Location Demo ID Title Presenters
1 26 Neuroaxial Anaesthesia Simulator Dennis van Gerwen and John van den Dobbelsteen
2 18 Promoting Haptic Interaction Technology - SPIDAR-G & SPIDAR-mouse Katsuhito Akahane, Takehiko Yamaguchi, Masaharu Isshiki, and Makoto Sato
3 20 The Cyclotactor Staas de Jong
4 19 Haptesha: A Collaborative Multi-User Haptic Workspace Rene Weller and Gabriel Zachmann
5 22 Presentation of Positional Information by Heat Phantom Sensation Jun Oohara
6 29 A Multifinger Haptic Device for Virtual Manipulation Manuel Ferre, Ignacio Galiana, Jorge Barrio, Pablo García-Robledo, and Raúl Wirz
7 10 High-Frequency Acceleration Feedback for Telerobotic Surgery Katherine J. Kuchenbecker, Jamie Gewirtz, William McMahan, Dorsey Standish, Paul Martin, Jonathan Bohren, Pierre J. Mendoza, and David I. Lee
8 24 Reflective Haptics Pen Götz Wintergerst and Ron Jagodzinski
9 9 TexturePad: Realistic Rendering of Haptic Textures Joseph Romano, Nils Landin, William McMahan, and Katherine J. Kuchenbecker
10 5 A new robot for research on physical human-robot interaction Bert Willaert, Brecht Corteville, Dominiek Reynaerts, Hendrik Van Brussel, and Emmanuel Vander Poorten
11 16 A tactile jacket for unobtrusive emotion communication Paul Lemmens, Joris Janssen, Kai Kuikkaniemi, and Gert-Jan de Vries
12 11 Real-time Dual-band Haptic Music Player for Mobile Devices Inwook Hwang, Moonchae Joung, Sunwook Kim, Kyunghun Hwang, Jaecheon Sa, and Seungmoon Choi
13 5 FlexTorque: Exoskeleton Haptic Interface for Haptic Interaction with the Digital World Dzmitry Tsetserukou, Katsunari Sato, and Susumu Tachi
14 17 Demo of working prototype of collaborative tool for visual and haptical perceptualization of liver surgery planning Jonas Forsslund and Evalotta Sallnäs
15 31 EXOSTATION : Haptic Exoskeleton Based Control Station Pierre Letier and Elvina Motard and Jean-Philippe Verschueren
Demo session Saturday
Location Demo ID Title Presenters
1 28 HugMe: Synchronous Haptic Teleconferencing Jongeun Cha, Mohamad Eid, Ahmad Barghout, and Abdulmotaleb El Saddik
2 21 Haptic gas pedal capable of recording proprioceptive feedback parameters David Abbink and Frans van der Helm
3 1 New design of a touchpad device with tactile feedback Romuald Vanbelleghem, Frédéric Giraud, Michel Amberg, and Betty Lemaire-Semail
4 30 Inversion of causality in the reproduction of roughness Michael Wiertlewski, José Lozada, Edwidge Pissaloux, and Vincent Hayward
5 25 Electro-tactile Display with Real-time Feedback Hiroyuki Kajimoto
6 12 The Core Skills Trainer Sarah Baillie, Neil Forrest, and Tierney Kinnison
7 23 Basic Properties of Phantom Sensation for Practical Haptic Applications Hiroshi Kato
8 7 Transmission system for spatially distributed tactile information Katsunari Sato and Susumu Tachi
9 2 A tangible image: a Media with Haptic Information Seung-Chan Kim, Ki-Uk Kyung, Byung-Kil Han, and Dong-Soo Kwon
10 8 Three tactile information displays Quentin King
11 6 Innovative Real-Time Communication System with Rich Emotional and Haptic Channels Dzmitry Tsetserukou and Alena Neviarouskaya
12 27 Tactile works of art Bonnie Kemske
13 3 A Motion-based Handheld Haptic Interface Ki-Uk Kyung and Junseok Park
14 14 A Haptic-based Framework for Chemistry Education and Research Sara Comai and Davide Mazza
15 4 Haptic perception of rod length by holding and wieldingr Nienke B. Debats, Peter J. Beek, Jeroen B.J. Smeets, and Idsart Kingma
Demos at commercial stands
Location Demo ID Title Presenters
TNO 32 Feel the Music Wouter Vos
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